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VOLUNTEER with Learn For Life

volunteer-iconAll our sponsored schools are happy to welcome interns and volunteers to assist the local team and faculty. English is commonly spoken by the local teams, faculty, and students.

Volunteers may teach art, music, drama, dance and traditional academic subjects. They conduct physical education sessions, help organize extra-curricular activities and conduct counseling sessions for the children.

The Sneha Care Home in Bangalore, India can support individual volunteers for several weeks.

SCH volunteers can stay on site, or at a farm-house a short distance from SCH. If other living arrangements are necessary, we would be more than happy to help.

Snehagram can support volunteers for up to several months. The living arrangements include electricity and Internet. Please let us know of your needs and we would be happy to assist.





Sponsorships with Learn for Life

Unlike most child sponsorship programs, it is our goal to forge a strong, personal relationship between a sponsor and each child. In order for our program to have an impact, we encourage sponsors to remain engaged with the children until they reach an acceptable level of independence and are ready to start their vocational training at Snehagram.

Sponsoring a child for an entire year costs $1000. This covers the child’s education, food, lodging, medical supplies, school supplies and staff salaries.

We believe that the personal connections between sponsor and child is vital to each child’s growth towards personal independence. Learn for Life accomplishes this by setting up email communication, phone calls and Skype-video chats between sponsors and students at the sponsor’s convenience.

In addition, sponsors will receive a monthly progress report that includes details of the child’s academic, athletic, artistic and psychological progress.

Please make a difference in these children’s lives.

If you would like to sponsor a child or if you have any questions, kindly email
Thank you.